Most of the moulds are now housed with custodians, and after some successful trials are now available to the membership.

Models the Club can support include: G2, G4 (Series 1-4), G12, G15, G16, G17, G18, G20, G27, G28

(By special arrangement: G10, G11, G32, G33)

Order Process

  1. Member requests panel(s) from the Panels / Moulds Co-ordinator
  2. Panels / Moulds Co-ordinator arranges quote from laminator
  3. If member is happy with quote and timing, panel is paid for by member and manufactured
  4. Panel(s) then available to member for collection. It is the member’s responsibility to collect the panel(s) unless agreed with Panels / Moulds Co-ordinator and Laminator.

Disclaimer & Ground Rules

  • Due to the handmade nature of the vehicles, the Club nor Laminator guarantees or warrants the manufactured panel will fit to your vehicle without rework/modification.
  • Service provided is  between the Laminator and Member. The Club acts as coordinator and provides moulds for the purpose of panel manufacture in the process
  • Parts available to established club members and for personal use only
  • Proof of vehicle identity required i.e. chassis  number
  • Moulds are not available for borrowing

If you understand and accept the terms above, and require support, please contact Panels / Moulds Co-ordinator directly for parts enquiries.

Moulds Catalogue - All parts £POA


Nose Cone


 Exhaust cut out


 Hard top

 LH Side Panel

 Inner wing


 Front screen support

 LH Side mould (round tube)

 RH Side support (square tube)

 Boot lid

 Rear body (S1, S2, S3)

 Bonnet (S1, S2, S3)




 LH Door Inner

 Bonnet scoop


G10 / G11

By special arrangement

 Bonnet with round hump

 Bonnet with no hump



 LH Inner Wing

 RH Inner Wing

 LH Front Inner Wing

 RH Front Inner Wing

 Centre Console

 Boot lid

 Main Body Tub

 Bonnet Shut Rail





 Engine Cover


 LH Side

 RH Side

Model Moulds

 Roof Hump




 LHD Dash [part]

 Wheel arches and extensions

 Rear Side Window Scoops (Big Window)

 Rear Side Window Scoops (Little Window)

 LH Light Pod

 RH Light Pod

 LH Upright Indicator repair panel

 RH Upright Indicator repair panel

 LH Door Card

 RH Door Card

 Door Skin

 Bonnet (mk4 & no hole for cap)

 Super S Engine Cover – incomplete

 Main Body Tub (Big Rear Window)

 Super S Rear Bumper [part]

 Super S Front Bumper

 Works Wide Arches

 Repair panel Front Nearside, no indicator [part]

 Riley Elf Bumper

 Front LH Wing Repair

 Front RH Wing Repair

 G15 Doors [parts]

 G15 Mk4 Bonnet [part]


 Engine Cover

 Front Screen Surround




G17 / G18

 Nose / Upper Tub

 Lower tub



 Body Tub

 Bonnet standard

 Bonnet modified

 Junior / Coupe Roof

 LH Coupe Door

 RH Coupe Door


 Roof Repair Panel (sunroof removal)


 Hard top

 G27 seat (standard)

 G27 seat (racing)

 G27 Series 4 bonnet

 Side Screen Supports (G4/4)

 Dash top

 Front Air Dam

G28 / G30

 Lower front bumper


 By special arrangement


 By special arrangement


 Rear bulkhead

 Hood Cover

 Screen Surround


 Main Tub

 LH Front Inner Wing

 LH Door

 RH Door

 Boot Lid