Classified Adverts

Free classified adverts are available to non-members for private Ginetta related sales. Any commercial classified adverts will be rejected. Click here to view/place classified adverts.


Commercial Advertising - Website

Businesses can advertise on this website by having a banner advert at the top or bottom of the site. 

Duration Cost
2 Months £48.00
4 Months £88.00
6 Months £126.00
12 Months £240.00

 Please contact the Webmaster for further details.

Commercial Advertising - Newsmag

Businesses can advertise in the Clubs' award winning quarterly magazine - the Newsmag.

Duration Full A5 page 1/2 A5 page 1/4 A5 page
1 issue £20.00 £15.00 £10.00
2 issues £40.00 £30.00 £15.00
3 issues £60.00 £45.00 £30.00
6 issues £120.00 £90.00


Please contact the Newsmag Editor for further details.


Ginetta Owners Club

If you would like to copy something, you need to become a member. Please contact our membership secretary for details.