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Car Sports Book 1968

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GRS - Alternative Cars May 1983 Thanks Trevor P

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G15 Custom Car - Road test with a Fiat 125? - Thanks Mark S

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Period Photos 70's - 2 Photos - Thanks Geoff

Period Photos 80's - 7 Photos - Thanks Geoff

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G15 Autosport John Bolster test - Thanks Derek J

G4S4 Alternative Cars Aug 1981 Thanks Arnaud (Non Member)

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GRS advert added , found on internet :-)

Period Photos 80's - 5 great shots of Remi's G4 Thanks

Period Photos 80's - 3 great shots of Ronnie Woods in action - Thanks John W

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G2 1958 Magazine article - Thanks Trevor P

G15, G21 & G12 Small Magazine mentions , thanks eBay :-)

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Period photos 60's. Thanks Remi

Period photos 60's. Thanks Dennis F

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G33 Handbook. Thanks Lez.

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